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Coronary angiography is a procedure in which a special X-ray of your heart’s arteries (the coronary arteries) is taken to see if they are narrowed or blocked. It is an important test, used when your doctor suspects or knows that you have coronary heart disease.

During coronary angiography, you are given a local anaesthetic and then a catheter (a long thin tube) is put into an artery in your groin, or at the inside of your elbow or near your wrist.

Coronary Angiography - SCCVS

The catheter is moved up the inside of your artery until it reaches your heart. A special dye is then injected into your coronary arteries and X-rays are taken. The X-ray image (a ‘coronary angiogram’) gives detailed information about the state of your heart and coronary arteries.

This test can be organised by our Cardiologist in the nearest hospital